Friday, August 3, 2012

God, I've been terrible at posting. But in my defense, I've been glued to the television, cheering like a maniac for Team USA at the Olympics. I don't think I've ever been this into sporting events in my life. And how could you not be? The athletes out of our country are INSANE. Their bodies? Rock hard. Their nimbleness? LIKE A GECKO. Seriously. Have you seen the women's gymnastics team in action? There have been judges whose mouths have dropped open. And those swimmers? Geezus. I happen to believe Michael Phelp resembles Shrek (or Sloth from the Goonies, take your pick) but there is no denying that his talent is remarkable. It's a great time to be a (Polish) American!Now if only I could sneak into the Olympic Village...Oh, and just because: I've included a little gem I think you might enjoy. That's right, it's the water polo team. GROUP SHOWER, ANYONE?

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