Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Children Gone Wild

It's been two months since my last post and surprisingly enough, I really don't feel like writing about my mom's cancer. So I'm going to write about something else that affects me on nearly a day to day basis; spoiled children and oblivious mothers. I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but it seems a few years ago I noticed children becoming more and more bratty. Instead of seeing a temper tantrum in a grocery store once in a while, I'd start to see them closer to once a week. I'm talking professional temper tantrums; the kind where you lay on the floor flailing your arms and legs and wailing at the top of your lungs. Then, on the street! Mothers would push their double-wide strollers and more rugrats would pop up out of nowhere running around me screaming. I would grin through my teeth and politely excuse myself to get out of the vortrex of hell, but slowly felt a sense of disdain growing in these type of situations. Not only were these kids completely of out control, their mothers were turning a blind eye, yakking it up with probably another mommy friend. And then, the kicker: church. Running up and down the aisles like banshees. Eating full meals. I'm sorry, what? I'm hungry too, shit, but am I going to unwrap a turkey sandwich and crack open a can of Coke? NO. Oh, but wait, little Susie decided she wants to talk to daddy about..well, who knows what because it's baby jibberish coming out in full force while I'm trying to say the Our Father. You know, THE LORD'S PRAYER? And would you take a look at that, another one has busted loose and is playing, yes PLAYING in the holy water. Meanwhile, his mother is standing behind him with no action at all. I implore you, mothers...what happened to the days of the dirty look that indicated "if you make another sound you are going to get it?" Or better yet, let me take you OUTSIDE if you don't shut up and give you a proper disciplinary lesson? The one and only time I threw a temper tantrum was when I was six years old, at Pick 'N Save, begging for candy my dad wouldn't buy me. Do you know what he did? He drove me to the local trailer park and told me if I ever did that again he would leave me with the 'gypsies.' Was it a little extreme and terrifying? YES. Did I ever throw a temper tantrum again? Ahh, no. It seems that the majority of the mothers I come in contact with feel a sense of entitlement that I don't fully understand. If you're pregnant, of course I'm going to give up my seat for you. If you come on the train with a stroller and expect one of your 5 kids to sit down, well, why should they? I'm their elder. So you gave birth. Sounds horribly painful. You get my props. You also get props for clothing them instead of buying new shoes for yourself. Mmm, probably not drinking too. And shelling out the cash to put them through school. But nowhere on God's green earth does it say that just because you have one do you a. get to skip to the front of the line and b. allow them to get away with everything. Remember, these are the people who are going to be running our country later. Do you really want them to turn out like the pricks in Congress?

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