Monday, October 31, 2011


The one holiday a year:

a. adults can regress and behave like children.
b. girls can dress like two cent hookers and not feel guilty.
c. guys can live out some version of a fantasy by wearing plastic penises and asking every woman they see to 'touch it'(and it's somewhat socially acceptable).
d. the homeless, maniacally laughing drunk on your corner looks almost normal compared to the freaks walking around.
e. little kids are adorable, even if they are wailing at the top of their lungs. you can shove a piece of chocolate in their face to shut them up.
f. you can walk up to a stranger's doorstep and ask them for free food. if they don't have any, you can toilet paper their home.
g. you have an excuse to buy bags and bags of candy and 'accidentally' eat too much of it.
h. you can finally bring your Thriller dance moves to the people. After all, you have been practicing for the last, what, 5 months?
i. you can howl at the moon...and there's a chance someone will join you.

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